Trends: What will Spring/Summer 2021 be all about?

How will the current crisis and the period of isolation we have just experienced influence consumer desires in the summer of 2021?

Consumers will move towards much more comfortable and creative things. They will buy more colours, natural hues like greens and yellows, something that will bring more joy. We even have a theme called “Joy” [Editor’s note: in the Promostyl Spring/Summer 2021 trend book]. So it will be important to combine colours.

Comfort will therefore continue to be a primary criterion in shopping?
Yes, it’s something that we won’t lose. The lockdown period has made us aware of a certain comfortable way of life. There’s a big trend that’s taking us back to the countryside, back to the bucolic, back to freedom.

Are there any specific materials trends for summer 2021?
I’m a big believer in very light jeans, bleach-washed, with a touch of pink. There’s a Chanel silhouette [Resort 2020 collection] like this. It’s composed of a pink scarf, an XXL shirt and wide jeans, in the Miami beach spirit.

I also thought of leather, a vegetable leather dyed in many different colours. There’s a lot of full leather looks: at Adeam, Staud, Givenchy’s sleeveless top, at SportMax, Marni, it was everywhere. Bottega Veneta launched the leather craze and everyone followed. At Khaite New York too. It’s a brand that I love.

Are there any particular brands worth keeping an eye on?
Among the brands to follow are Baum und Pferdgarten and Munthe, whose looks are hot, comfortable and trendy, as you want them to be. And then there are the two must-haves: Ganni and Cecilie Bahnsen.

I also think that Korean avant-garde is very important. But if I had to go to only one fashion week, I would go to Copenhagen.

Another designer that I like very much is Xiao Li. I think her looks are hypermodern. She modernized the swim-sportswear spirit, a little casual but very feminine and a little futuristic.

Are there any special accessories for Summer 2021?
Flip-flops. The flip-flop shape will be reworked in many different ways. The By Far brand, which is making a comeback, have made small sandals in a 90s style.

In terms of bags, I would say to look out for the small bags of By Far or the slightly round and geometric bags of Coperni or Staud.

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